SSS Is Surprisingly Fast!

I went to the Social Security Service office last November 21, 2011 to update my incorrect SSS information  and the lady officer informed me that I have to wait for a month  for the changes to take effect. In my head, I thought a month is very long for just one info to be updated though I already know a lot of Filipino citizens might have been going through the same issue.

So today, even if it wasn't a month long yet I tried logging into my online SSS account. Surprisingly, my last name seemed to be changed already! From Butihan, now it's Butihen, my mom would be happy once she knows about this. Hooray!!! SSS seemed to be fast now. I wonder if this has been already updated weeks before. Anyway, this is actually great news!

Now just before my shift ended, I received an email from my supervisor about our SSS ID processing. I just learned that our company caters this process and would just ask us to send some documents so to schedule us for the photo capture. I was glad they have this service which makes this process really convenient and fast as well.

Documents needed here are filled in SSS E-6 form and photocopies of two IDs.These are the IDs I can present to our HR:

a. Company ID
b. Driver's License ID
c. Passport
f.  Postal ID
g. Voter's ID
h. Alumni ID
i.  NBI Clearance
j.  Police Clearance
k. Barangay Clearance

Glad that the Alumni ID is actually accepted here. Tonight, I will be submitting the documents to our HR and wait for my ID capture schedule then. This is exciting!

How was your experience with your SSS ID processing?

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