Fully Booked on Christmas Season

What I don't like a bit about Holidays is the rush for seats on boats, ships or fast crafts. If you working away from home like me, celebrating Christmas alone away from the family would surely be devastating. In my experience, I was unable to go home for Christmas for the two previous years because of work demand. It's good to know that for this year, I won't be spending it alone anymore. My vacation leave requests have been approved for December 23 and 26 so I will be home from then.

However, it's not an assurance that one can get home as soon as you want. There will be problems like fully booked boats and weather change. There was a recent storm which hit the country and which had caused a severe damage to the country. I am referring to the storm named Sendong. Of course you must have known about that killer storm. Anyway, these are just matters we can't handle and we can't do anything about it.

Port 4 Supercat waiting area's Christmas Tree
But there are factors which we can surely manage like the tickets. Each and every December, travel tickets become in demand and if you're going to buy your tickets on the day you are about to board, then you are in deep trouble, just like me before. The real thing is, it would really matter on your schedule, if you are not in a hurry, you can just get your tickets as soon as you like but if you have work and you can't really be late for your planned schedule, then make sure to book early. So before the travel date, make sure you have your tickets ready, don't just buy a one way ticket instead buy a round trip one, this will secure your return schedule.

Today, I went home and though I was not able to get my ticket early, I managed to buy a round trip ticket with Supercat. I was not in a hurry though which is why I didn't buy my tickets early. I went to Cebu port 4 and got my ticket for 12:30pm boarding. It was still 9 o'clock so James and I stayed at the waiting area to kill time. James passed out while waiting. I on the other hand had pretty got entertained by the passengers looking very busy, some were talking to their loved ones informing them that there were no more tickets left. Some were bored while on their respective lines waiting for their turn. I had even witnessed a drama moment where a lady was crying over the phone due to again, ticket issues. I wished I had comforted her but the circumstances didn't allow it. 
Massage by our sight disabled brothers and sisters

I noticed one thing while on my seat, there was one common thing among the passengers and that is Christmas presents. Everyone young or elderly was bringing with them their gifts! It was a beautiful view and I had mine too. I was saddened when I saw a huge black smoke in the distance and found out that Gaisano South has been burned down.
I finally reached Tagbilaran port two hours after and met my parents who were celebrating their 29th wedding anniversary. Too bad I was not able to buy them cake because I had too many stuff to bring. But anyway, we spared a little time for a local one from Bohol Quality.

How was your trip guy? Did you go out of town or have you gone home to your own provinces? Hope you had a great time while travelling.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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