Gaisano Capital Fire Burned

Just learned that the Gaisano Capital has been burned down when I was on my way to Bohol because the smoke coming from the burned building was obviously visible from where I was sitting inside the Supercat vessel.

Thinking about the employees and the people who work for the said mall made me sad. It was two days before Christmas and the terrible thing happened. I wonder how they felt about it and how they spent their Christmas knowing that they don't have work anymore. That isn't a cool Christmas present after all.

There were rumors that the Gaisano Capital management had intentionally burned the said building. I couldn't really comment but there were sayings that the building is ensured to three insurance companies and that burning it down won't affect their income.

Anyway, whatever the management is planning is none of my business though but when I returned from Bohol last Monday, I was astonished because the smoke hasn't cool down yet.

There were news that the upper floors of the mall has been checked by the DPWH and were advised to be demolished instead. This might be a goodbye for the Gaisano Capital. But surely, they will build another one in the future.
Hope the employees were able to get their checks for New Year though.

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