My Christmas Presents Ready

Here are the gifts I purchased way before and a couple of days ago and were finished wrapping yesterday. I am happy I could share my blessings to those people I love. I have gifts for my godchildren as well and of course for my little niece, Aiesha. There are still a couple of people whom I haven't bought gifts yet, I will try to buy something for them before I go home in December 23. Well, hopefully I could get to do it while still able to manage my time with work and sleep.

Merry Christmas to everyone in advance. I know we think of gift giving when we talk about Christmas but I pray that each of us will be reminded of the right reason why there is Christmas.

And still in my heart, I pray for the people in Iligan, CDO and Dumaguete peace, comfort and joy for this season. May our faithful God bless each and everyone of us.

I usually make my own gift bags for my gifts or wrapped them myself if they don't fit with a Christmas gift bag. From the photo above, My favorite is the bag where it has santa and snowman together. I didn't make it myself instead bought it from Unitop, a large chinese store. I just got it for one bux.

Most of the bags were made by me, I learned how to make one way before in secondary school and this is quiet easy to make. Since then, every Christmas, I would always make those Christmas bags than buying a ready to use one which would cost more money. 

How did you prepare your presents then? Do you buy Christmas bags or make them yourself instead?
Have a wonderful Christmas everyone!

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