Our KFC Bucket Attitude Moment

This is a late post actually however, I want to share how I love KFC SM Branch's new and younger vibe. I have indeed experience a new atmosphere in there. My friends and colleagues love KFC because of their cheap yet yummy Chicken Steak and of course the look and feel inside the said place.

My eyes can't get enough of the collage designed on the walls of the restaurant. I love the new KFC and the service was extremely faster compared before. We placed our orders at the counter area and were given with our own priority numbers. There's an LCD screen which will display the specific order numbers once it is available and ready for pick up. I had observed that this is a much faster and efficient way of serving the customers. Above all, what I really do love about it is the fact that anyone can take either solo photo of themselves or with the group because KFC has a new photo both just inside the dining area. So while still waiting for our orders, we stepped out and take a photo of us first.

The excitement doesn't end there because once you select publish on the options, the photo taken will be looped in the big LCD screen visible in the midst of the dining area. By the way, one can take a single photo or a multi-shot. So while eating, our attention were brought by the photographs of the customers who took time to get their team photo taken. Of course we have our own group photo there too! 

One more thing, the area is a wifi hotspot as well and it's for free if you dine in. Check it out and visit the KFC in SM Cebu branch. You'll experience innovation and creativity in one spot!

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