Ago-Cacay Butihen Clan First Grand Reunion - Day 1

This is a continuation of the Ago-Cacay Butihen Clan First Grand Reunion post from yesterday.

Starting off the location was at Camp Karis in Casate, Ubay, Bohol exactly the same location where my older brother Steven's wedding took place. Karis means grace so it is called camp grace, most christian youth camps, seminars and crusades are held here.

Everyone was welcomed during the first day. The venue had a lot of houses around and so every family were situated with each houses. The Ago-Cacay Butihen Reunion was composed of seven families, namely Moming's, Pene's, Tony's, Bobby's, Dadie's, Levi's and Vicky's. My mom is the youngest among them.

The first night was a blast because every family had to render their special number. Either singing, dancing or whatever. Here are the families during the presentation night:

This is Uncle Levi's family:
from left to right: liezel, ate chingvee, jayr, kuya joel, ate lyn2, auntie conching and uncle levi
Here are their song and dance presentation:

Here is Papa Arcie's family:

from left to right: manoy steven, inday aiesha, ate mae, papa arcie, mama vicky, yours truly, geecel and kuya Jonas
This is Papa Tony's family:
from left to right: papa tony, inday mitchie, ate gege, mama elsa, jo-ed, ate ruth, janna and the rest of the apos.
Papa Tony with his family's song presentation:


This is Papa Dadie's family:
from left to right: mama inday, ate bem2, papa dadie, jezreel and daryl
And their presentation:

Mommy Pene with her family's action song presentation:
left to right: ate joy, nikolai, ate gina and her boys, van2, mommy pene and ate joy's hubby
And the last but definitely not the least is Papa Moming's family dance presentation:

It saddened me because the recorded video for their dance was deleted for unknown reasons.

That's it for now, I will soon post the second day of our Ago-Cacay First Grand Reunion.


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