Ago-Cacay Grand Reunion

Have you ever been involve in family reunions? I can say I am blessed in a way because I am a part of a clan who gives the family a great importance. I can see a glimpse of the past where our family had a reunion in Alicia, Bohol and of which our grandparents named Ago and Cacay were still both alive. My elder cousins said our last family reunion was on 1993, I was still five that time and so the only thing I can remember was that I played with the other cousins.

Time passed by, everyone have been very busy with each others lives and so we never had the chance to cater another reunion. And so, when I was in grade five, my grandpa died and in fourth year high school, my grandma died as well. Then their first born followed when I was in college.

I was surprised and at the same time happy when Ate Aida, the eldest of all the grandchildren posted our first grand reunion on facebook. And the rest was history, God had used facebook to be a medium so every family from all the parts of the Philippines and even the world may know about the awaited event.

It was also a coincidence because the venue happened to be exactly the same as my brother Steven's wedding place. The event started in the 14th of April, 2011 up to the 16th. 

You might be wondering what were the activities during the said event, don't you worry, I have pictures taken using my Canon EOS1000D and videos as well from my Sony DSC2000. Check them out on my next post. Click here!


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