Friendster is Shutting Down?

"You can't compete with Facebook. They did a good job. It's a Facebook world," said Nikolai Galicia, Friendster and MOL country manager for the Philippines.- abs-cbn news
After nine long years of service, Friendster is now proclaiming their closure! Yes you read it right, they are shutting down for good. Oppss..sorry but not for good because they are coming back. And as what they claim, they will be coming back big time! Well, we will see then. For the mean time, they are encouraging the users to export their files for the new friendster world coming soon.

To recall, friendster was the first social network I had engaged with. Growing up in an urban area where internet was not an easy reach, it was during college that I started to create and manage my friendster account. That was 2005, remembering those adding of friends, uploading only a few pictures before was already a happiness and sending messages was pure fun. I could also remember telling my college-mates :"Friends naba ta?", of course we are but we were referring to friendster friends. 
It was all friendster before until 2008 when facebook farmtown ruled the whole world wide web users. So friendster is now coping up and we will see what they will be storing for us in just a few weeks now.

I don't have any plans of deleting my friendster account though so I am exporting my account today. Alright, so I logged in to my account now...

check out my last status, i mean shoutout. It's almost a year now! My goodness...
At the right side is the export button:

Okay, here I go... once I clicked on the link, a new page opens up with an app capable of exporting the files. So I still need to add this app called Friendster Exporter.

It's quiet obvious that my friendster friends haven't exported their profiles yet, with this I become the first exporter...LOLs. So now I started adding the app and to my surprise! It was not working, tsk tsk tsk friendster. 

After a few minutes, it was working again so I learned that there are two ways to export, the friendster exporter and photo exporter. Obviously, the former exports details about your account like name, gender and etc. while the latter exports purely photos to online photo hosting sites like Flickr, Photobucket and Multiply. 

I choose the faster one and exported my photos to my multiply account. At first, I waited for almost an hour but there was no response, guess the server was down that time, so after an hour or so, I refreshed the page and re-exported it one more time.

So this is what I received right after redoing it. That was still the first step, I then moved to the second one which is to export my photos to an online photo hosting site. I was wondering because I thought Photobucket was included but down on the options were just Multiply and Flickr but anyway, Photobucket wasn't my option so it was okay.

Upon clicking on the button, I was asked to enter my Multiply account credentials to authorize the Photo Exporter application. And after a successful log in, here's what I received:

So, I will still be waiting for my exported files and photos then. Well, I guess that is much better than to constantly open a page here and wait 'til the exported file shows up.

Have you exported your own friendster profile already? Make sure to work on it because after May 31st, you might just shook your head and regret.

Take care!

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