Open Summer at Camotes Island

My summer for this year 2011 had just begun and Camotes Island opened it for me and my colleagues.

Nothing can beat the beach when we talk about summer. Who would like to spend the heat and the sweat inside his four cornered room? Nah! Those are for the weak-bonned. So as I told you already in my last post, we were spending our team building budget for Camotes Island. It's quite perfect for the whole budget plus there were team members who decided to not come so our friends went instead.

We headed to North Terminal at 4:30am. Rode a multicab to Danao, we were supposed to ride the first trip at Quano Wharf but since they cancelled it, we went to Danao. We reached Danao at 5:30, we didn't expect that the port was filled with heads already. We were blessed to secure the last 15 tickets for 8:30 trip.

For some unknown reasons, the Mika-Mari ship departed the port at almost 9:30 already, thanks to the movies at the air-conditioned room, we didn't feel bored waiting. At 12:15, we finally reached Consuelo port, a van from My Little Island Hotel was patiently waiting for us there. 

Lunch was served at Santiago beach resort with Filipino cuisine dishes. Grilled fish and pork, kinilaw, ripe bananas, sweet potatoes plus a very huge puso. That was our first stop. You will fall in love with the beach and the long shore line, it was high tide when we reached there  though.

Next stop was at Mangodlong Beach, where great waves were rambling and rashing unlike the calm sea at Santiago Beach. The kids were fearlessly enjoying the waves while we were all astonished by it.

At 1:20, we were in Patabog Soli Area for the Lake Danao Park. It was a small yet interesting park, sadly the waves were still uneasy so we were unable to ride on the for rent floating stuff. 

But no regrets because when we reached Timubo Cave, the guys swam their heart out at the watery area inside that narrow cave. I didn't took much pictures because the stallactites and stalagmites were pouring water which made some rainy effect below. Some of them say it was not water but bat urines. Haha

This signage was placed outside read as 
Timubo Cave has been giving unforgettable and significant events in the lives of the people in brgy. Sonog and even to the neighboring barangays since immemorial for this cave has been the source of water supply for washing clothes, cooking foods and drinking.
That was the last stop for the first day, we then went to our hotel in My Little Island. It was an overlooking site. Though the place was far, it was super nice. An Australian-Filipino couple owns it. Their rooms were huge that we decided to get only three. One for the ladies and two for the guys. Here's the ladie's room:

We had a buffet at eight in the evening, the served foods: chopseuy, bam-i, adobong manok, fish fillet, soup and fruits for desert. Videoke can never be absent at night. 

I woke up early for the pool, even if the location was uphill, the water wasn't cold so we had really enjoyed swimming. We then had breakfast at eight then packed up for the other spots. The only photo I was able to take a picture with at breakfast:

Since we will go straight home, we had our group pictures taken there too. Another cave was uncivered during the tour, this time it's a huge cave. With stalactites and stalagmites rarely produces water. It looked enchanted and hunted. It was named Bukilat Cave, Php 10.00 for the entrance fee.

Last stop was at the Buho Rock where you can visually see the horizon's great view, I personally appreciate its beauty and one the beautiful things about the location was the rock at the peak of the place, it was indeed good for diving. I envy those kids who were jumping off the rock when we reached there. The place was not yet done though, the workers were still developing the area, busy painting and sweeping.

We bought some pasalubong also, too bad I was not able to get the stall's name. We swept all the supplies, then I wonder why it was the only one selling those camote products. Some of the stuff being sold were: camote cupcake, camote pudding, camote macarons, camote crinkles, camotestiks, camotecookies. Well, that basically explaines where its name was derived from. 

We then boarded and bid goodbye to Camotes Island at 11:00 noon. We were in a pumpboat, funny thing about it and which surprised me was before we departed, life jackets were distributed by the boat guys. It  made us think the trip would be rough but just right after the boat started to turn its way to Cebu, the life jackets were already taken back. We calmed down then realizing that it was just for compliance purposes. 

Reached my room at three.

If you are planning to get to Camoes Island for the summer, check the boat schedules first and be prepared with fully books! Here are the schedules:


1.    AVE MARIA – OUANO WHARF, MANDAUE  P 200.00      

DEPART CEBU             ARRIVE PORO              DEPART PORO            ARRIVE CEBU

05:30 AM                      08:30 AM                      11:00 AM                      02:00 PM

2.    SHUTTLE FERRY  RORO – DANAO PORT P 200.00 tel. # 2323150-3455581-82

DEPART DANAO          ARRIVE CAM                DEPART CAM               ARRIVE DANAO

06:30 AM                      08:30 AM                      10:00 AM                      12:00 NN


DEPART DANAO          ARRIVE CAM                DEPART CAM               ARRIVE DANAO

09:00 AM                      11:00 AM                      02: 00 PM                     04:00 PM

05:30 PM                      07:30 AM                      05:30 AM                      07:30 AM

4.    GOLDEN EXPRESS- PIER 1  - P 350.00

DEPART PORO            ARRIVE CEBU              DEPART  CEBU            ARRIVED PORO
06:00 AM                      08:00 AM                      09:00 AM                      11:00 AM
12:00 NN                       02:00 PM                      05:30 PM                      07:30 PM

5.    SANTO NIÑO – DE CEBU ( OUANO WHARF )  P 200.00
DEPART PORO            ARRIVE CEBU              DEPART CEBU             ARRIVE PORO
05:00 AM                      08:00 AM                      01:00 PM                     04 :00 PM

And if in case you would like to stay at My Little Island Hotel, check their website at

Let's enjoy summer like there's no more tomorrow!

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