Oslob's Cuartel

I got the chance to get back to Oslob last Wednesday because we were invited to Charlene's graduation day, she is James' younger sister. The graduation was held at the covered court near the Catholic Church and the Cuartel so I grabbed the opportunity to get some photos of their Cuartel Area. It's a building made thousand of years ago during the Spaniards era for the guardia civil or the soldiers. It was not finished though since we were already freed by their colonization. It reconstructed and developed to become their town's tourist spot. 

When I first went to Oslob about almost three years ago, the place was not really good. A great difference can be observed if you got to visit the Cuartel. Here are some of the photos we have taken:
james took this photo of me at the Cuartel

fences in front of the Church

Oslob's Catholic Church

seaside... :)

this is my favorite spot because it look dramatic if you sit in that area. check out the next photo...

We were quite surprised as well by this view we saw at the back area of the covered court. It looked like these cars had undergone massive collisions.

It was surprising that they were just left there, hope the municipality will try to fix them out, I bet its parts still has some uses. 

And here is the graduate with the whole family:


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