Cebuana's Surprise SMS

Pera Padala through Cebuana was always my option since college not just because they have Sarah Geronimo as their endorser (i'm a sarah g. fanatic) but because they do their transactions with a sense of urgency compared to some other padala services. My parents opt to go with them as well when they used to send me my allowance before and now, even if the situation had already changed because instead of them sending me money, it is actually me who would send them this time. The only thing that didn't change is the courier, of course we are still with Cebuana Lhuiller.

Today, I went to Cebuana to send out some pera padala to my papa. I sent him the control number and the amount. After a couple of hours, I just received this message:

Well, this is a great way of informing the senders if their beneficiaries have already received the padalas. 

Kodus to Cebuana!

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