Oh! My Swatch...

I am not into joining blog contest but when I saw Cherry's April Giveaway, I didn't hesitate to join and is now hopeful that I would win and get this fabulous Swatch. Well, joining is pretty easy, here's how:

1. Like Cherry's Facebook page (if you haven’t liked already and use your personal page and not your fan page or else it won’t count) and leave me a message on my wall so I know you’re joining.  No message, no entry.
2. Follow Cherry on Twitter here.
3. Send this Twitter message “Follow @girl4all, you can win one Jeremy Scott Limited Swatch plus more. Please RT”

Click here for further details and you might get the swatch of your life:

Aside from that, Cherry will be giving out a gunmetal bracelet as well:

And a set of body care products too straight from the US.

Just so you know, Cherry has a lot of give aways, so if you are interested, check out her blogs: domestic-cherry, reallyinterestingprojects, 1716south and her secondhandphilosophy.

Good luck to all of us!


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