Man-made Forest and Prony : Bohol's Biggest Phyton and Longest in Captivity

After visiting the world's famous Chocolate Hills, we went to another spot in Bohol the man-made forest in Bilar. We had our lunch there and here is a leap I made in the midst of that cool place where trees are slim and tall.

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After lunch, we went straight to Albur-querque where the biggest phyton and longest in captivity is located, exact address is Upper Sta. Fe, Alburquerque, Bohol.

Compared to before, the location has a lot of obvious developments. BTW, there was a former snake there larger than Prony but it died, I don't know the reason though. As of now, the family who is taking care of Prony has some hawks and a femur or called kagwang as well. There are stuff for sale as well such as native bags, hats and maps too.

Everyone has the chance to go inside the cage where the animals and Prony of course are located. A woman of age 40's was also inside near Prony and would act like a guide, she will also act as a photographer and act as prony's nanny, she had even kissed the snake! I know that's gross so for you to believe me, here is their photo:

Outside the cage seats a lady man named Marimar whom I found very informative. I have learned a lot of things about this huge snake. These are the facts about Prony: 
  • Prony was named after his captor, Sofronio 
  • He was captured October 21, 1996, so he will be turning 15 this year
  • When he was captured, he weighed five kilograms and was five feet long, Prony weighs 250 kilograms and is 26 feet long now
  • Eats white and spotless pigs or goats   
  • Prony eats once per month if it is a pig but eats twice with goats
Looking at the displayed photographs, I have noticed that a number of Philippine artists had already visited Prony as well. Kuya Kim of Matanglawin had been there too, so when I reached home, I immediately searched if Prony had been also featured in the Matanglawin program. Here is the Bohol special of Matanglawin:

Prony has been marking its name to the media and so to the world. When we went there, there were a lot of foreigners, Americans and Koreans as too. We had taken our photo with Prony, the snake in Fuente has nothing to say compared to Prony:

More photos:
Prony's head, it may look small but in personal, it's like a size of a baby's head
a donation box outside the huge cage, it has a carabao's horn
she is Marimar talking about Prony
a hawk inside the same cage where Prony is also staying.


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