The Butihen Clan Reunion Ends at Anda Global Beach Resort

We definitely love the beach and we can't just end our clan reunion without going to the beach. We did find it a good way to end and separate and so we have selected Global Beach Resort located in Anda, Bohol which is just half an hour ride away from Ubay. We passed by Alicia, Candijay and Guindulman then to Anda. This town has a lot of white sand beaches and most have been open for the public, just like Bugnaw Se-i. James and I were able to visit it and we are planning to visit more Anda beaches and blog about it. Foreigners had also dominated the town, as a matter of fact, most beach resorts are owned by foreigners but since they can't buy their own property here in the country, they would rather entitle it under their Filipino partners.

Check how gorgeous the shore and the sea at Global Beach Resort:

The shoreline is too wide and long as the same time, our nieces and nephews were enjoying it. Actually, you won't be worried if you have a toddler because he or she can play and take a dip on the shallow part. There was also a small islet between the shallow part and the deeper one so the children can play, make sand castles and then swim as well. 

my nephews are making their sand castles on the islet between the shallow and deeper part of the beach.

Agocay enjoying the shallow part of the beach.
and yes of course! Our princess was able to play at the beach as well!
The sea was calm and the the heat of the sun was alluring. I tried going to the deeper part but was afraid my camera would get wet so I just stayed on the shallow portion. 

The only thing I don't like about the place was the fact that there are a lot of sea urchins but the good side is, they were just situated on the deeper part where there are stones and rocks for them to hide on.

The resort has its own hall as well, they also have cottages along the side of the shores. I remember a cottage hanging over a rock as well, I wonder how would it look like during high tides, I bet it would be very nice to see the sea right below your foot. There are karaoke machines for rent as well, so getting there can never be boring unfortunately, we brought our own magic sing so renting was not anymore needed. Aside from those, there was a building under construction on the rear side of the hall. Basically, in a few more weeks, they can cater overnights and sleep overs there. The resort was actually promising and I believe it would be hit to the tourists if they would develop the area more.

If you plan to visit and spend a time there, these information would definitely be helpful.
Anda Global Beach Resort
Poblacion, Anda, Bohol
Jocelyn B. Tan 
contact number: 09106412775
Some other photos I have taken:
nicole and karen on their suits!
Ace on the go!

a starfish... looks scary because of the spines on its side

 Check my photomists blog for more Anda Global Beach Resort photos.


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