Never Gets Sick of Chocolate Hills

The world wide famous Chocolate Hills tourist spot located in the center of Bohol specifically in Carmen is never new to me. I have been visiting it since I was a kid, during my elementary and secondary years as well primary because I am a pure Boholana. The last time I have visited it was last year during my former team's team building. Yesterday, the family of my brother's wife from Cotabato wanted to tour around and visit the spot before they go back home to their province. On the other hand, James have not yet visited it too so I agreed to come.

Going to Carmen is not a piece of cake. We are located in Guindulman which is the Eastern part of Bohol while Carmen is in the center. It took us almost two hours to get there. This was our route to get there:

At the spot everyone will be asked to pay Php50 for the entrance fee. The spot is actually a tall hill developed so tourists can view the 1268 number of hills from the top portion. You can climb the 150+ stairs or just go on the side slope walk. 

Reaching at the top of the  hill, you will see mountains colored brown during the summer hence the name Chocolate Hills was derived and turns green throughout the rest of the year.

A wishing well is also situated at the top of the hill and one can wish there, you will need to throw a coin before you make your wish then you will need to ring the metal bell for your wish to come true.

There were a lot of beliefs on how those hills were magnificently created, some would joke and say that those hills are from the tarsiers who were once huge creatures before. But the creation of these chocolate hills is a work of the Most Powerful One and so the National Committee of Geological Sciences declares:

"The unique land form known as the Chocolate Hills of Bohol was formed ages ago by the uplift of coral deposits and the action of rainwater and erosion."

Here is a deeper explanation about how the hills were created:

"About two million years ago, most of the island of Bohol was below a shallow sea. Coral reefs, similar to those now found offshore of Northern Bohol, thrived and extensively covered the sea floor. During stormy days, fragments of corals and shells derived by waves from the reefs were deposited mostly at the landward side of the reefs. The coral and shell fragments formed relatively thin layers(brown) surrounding live coral reefs(pink).

Slowly, the land rose causing the coral reef formations to emerge out of the sea. The Chocolate hills had been carved out from the relatively thin layers of coral and shell fragments. During the initial stage, gullies were developed in the below lying areas and lakes occupied pre-existing depressions.

Coral and shell fragments are largely composed of calcium carbonate, a chemical compound which can be dissolved by acidic solution. Rainwater becomes slightly acidic by dissolving some carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Thus, rainwater can dissolve coral and shell fragments. But this happens very slowly, with rainwater acting on the layer of coral and shell fragments for tens to hundreds of thousands of years. Gullies were deepened and widened to become streams, lakes were emptied by underground rivers and interconnected conical hills were formed from the original flat surface.

When the bast of the soluble formation was reached, down-cutting ceased and lateral erosion became dominant, valleys were widened. The remnant of the layers in the highly dissected areas were dissolved away. And the connections between neighboring hills were also dissolved away. This, the chocolate Hills that you now behold are products of the patient laboring of rainwater on a thin soluble limestone formation.

A tourist spot can never be a tourist spot without souvenir shops, and so the Chocolate Hills has its own shops where in one can buy souvenir items like t shirts, bags, native hats, mini-tarsier stuff and pasalubong foods as well. 

If you are planning to buy some of those stuff above, make sure you bring extra extra money because the price is a bit costly. 

Here is James' photo with the Chocolate Hills to close this post.

Visit Bohol and personally see these wonders of nature!

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