Ago-Cacay Butihen Clan First Grand Reunion - Day 2

From my former posts, I had informed you about our family's grand reunion from my mother's side and I had showed to you the presentations of each family. This post today will cater the activities during it's second day.

It was a funny sporty day for all of us because the second day was all about fun and games. In the morning, all the kids participated in there kiddie fun games leaded by Ate Ruth and Jesiel. 

In the afternoon, we had sports: basketball and volleyball. It was really fun fun fun because almost all of the ladies don't know how to play volleyball. Here were some of the funny photos taken during the game which was exciting as well because instead of just two game sets we had three, this just say that there was a tight game play.

Here are just some of the hundreds of photos from our volleyball game:


On the other hand, the guys had an enjoyable basketball game. I can definitely say that the boys were good during the game. Our family has a lot of good basketball players, as a matter of fact, we have varsity players!

Here are some of the very intimate match photos during the game:

I really had a great time together with my cousins and I would definitely miss their companionship. We had decided to have our reunion every three years and each of the working members have given our promised pledges to the whole committee which will be provided in the next three years. Hoping to see them again and of course hopeful as well that those single ones will bring their own families by that time.

I will be looking forward for that day!

Before ending this post, I would like to show you our photos here according to families. Here is the original Butihen Siblings, missing one who is already in heaven with our Father together with our grandparents, tatay Ago and nanay Cacay.

Here are their partners, Mommy Pene's and Uncle Bobby's partners were not there so they stood together instead.

The following  are the photos of each families however, we missed to take a photo of Mommy Pene's family. Obviously, we also had our official t-shirts colored pink with the print: Proud to be Butihen!


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