Red Bowl Experience

Before going home to Bohol, James and I looked for a place to dine in for lunch. We were thinking we can just go on drive thru at Jollibee's or Mcdonalds but we thought about the food and then decided to just look for another not common and we haven't tried yet.

We were on Mcdonald Mambaling then with our things and saw Red Bowl just in front of us and then we thought, how about this? Without further a do, we went in. 
There were no customers yet and the crew were looking bored but were all awaken when we went in. This is how they look the moment we went in:

I ordered Grilled Pork Belly with rice and Strawberry Gatorade for my drinks while James ordered Caldereta, rice and for his drinks, pineapple flavored Fit 'n Right. It was funny because both of us seemed like being monitored the whole time while we were eating. All of the crew's attention were focused on us which I thought was not a good point. We rushed out right after eating since we still have to catch the 12 noon ship to Talibon, Bohol.

James' Caldereta, costs Php 84. He said it was just so-so. He rated it 7 of 10.

My Pork Belly, I was disappointed by the time they served it because it looked like there was no more pork on it. The fatty part of the pork dominated the all viand. I didn't finish it all. It costs Php 90 and I would rate it as 4 of 10.

I was also wondering why they didn't give the receipt of our meal. After the experience, I'm pretty sure I won't be coming back. 

How was your experience with Red Bowl?


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