Ubay's Sans Grille Chicken Ati-atihan

James and I had the chance to stop by Ubay when we went home to Bohol last time via Tubigon. Reaching Ubay deadly hungry at six in the evening so we dined at San's Grille Chicken Ati-atihan located at Col. Marciano Garces St. Poblacion, Ubay, Bohol with their tagline: "sasayaw ka sa sarap" and "we didn't invent chicken barbeque, we perfected it".

What's cool about the place was the masks all around the area. And since it was already dark when we get there, the lights were all lit up and which gave a great add on beauty to the place.

Check out their variety of beautiful masks:

this was hanged in the center of the resto, there was light coming out from its eyes and mouth, cool

there were many of this placed in every corner of the resto

this one is my favorite. This was placed in the washing area...

I love antique looking stuff and these masks did looked amazingly awesome to me.

There were only a couple of customers around so we were entertained right away when we get in. Most of the customers there opt to take their orders out so we were the only ones dining inside.

I ordered their best seller of course, the chicken Ati-atihan with rice and Atsara with cookies and cream shake as my drink. James on the other hand picked Lechon kawali with garlic rice and Choco-banana shake.

The waiting time was about 10-15 minutes so we still had time to roam around the area and took some photos. They also have a flat screen in front of the dining area so the customers as well as the crews can watch movies. That time, Jackie Chan's movie was being played, I forgot its title but I am sure I had already watched it.

chicken ati atihan with atsara

cookies and cream shake

Lechon Kawali

choco-banana shake
We had a burphy night, the chicken ati-atihan was good, it tastes the same as Mang Inasal's but the lechon kawali was great!

If you somehow stepped in to Ubay, Bohol, don't  miss dining into Chicken Ati-atihan and try their own ati-atihan foods.

I will surely come back in some other time.

Food Rating: 8 of 10
Service Rating: 10 of 10
Facilities: 8 of 10


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