Camotes Here We Come!

I miss blogging, I really do. I had a lot of events this week but I haven't blogged about them yet due to the roughness of my schedule . I had a lot of stuff to do plus my work load, in fact I only had two to three hours of sleep for the last three days, imagine that thinking I had to work at night. Worse thing is that I had worked for straight nine days this week. This is of course because of our upcoming team building which I badly need. I badly need to be out of town, to see the beach and to feel the nature. I guess my body is full of pollution this time and only vacation at a rural and nature-full location can take those stress and rejuvenate my body. 

I am glad the nine-day straight shift has ended, I had finished the invitation letters and I was able to get a six-hour sleep today, still not enough but at least. Tomorrow at three in the morning, our team together with some of our personal friends will be coming to Camotes Island. It will be my first time to go there so, it is expected that my camera will be fully loaded with pictures by that time. Hopefully I can get good pictures with my Rebel X. 

That's it for now, I will make sure to blog about it on Monday.


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