Graduate na si Inday!

One of my old good friend Inday Reina, had just graduated with a degree, Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering last March 31, 2011 at CAP Building. When both of us were still studying, I was in CIT and she was in STI then, we never had seen each other so when she invited me to join her celebration, I hesitated not. I didn't take that lots of photos because they had their own event official photographer and aside from that, we were seated at the back. When the event almost ended, I surprised her and took this photo:

She was indeed surprised and after four long years, we saw each other again. Well, the only thing which had changed is the body size. 

After the graduation event, we went straight to Pino Filipino Cuisine in Lahug, Cebu City for the dinner celebration. I then knew that the resto is owned by the Lhuillier's and the Gutierrez would always go to here when they visit Cebu. No wonder why I saw Captain Barbel's Poster there.

The inside was a good view and really looked cozy:

They offer buffet package at Php 389 with bottomless drink. On some blogs I read, they also have a Php 299 and Php 290 Buffet meal. These are the only food photo I took:

Mixed viands... alot of meat here!

deserts...sweetness overload!
If you are a lechon lover, then you should try their's, the taste was so delightful. I liked it being chopped in bite sizes and that the saltiness was perfect. Some other tasteful viands served were the Oysters, they had fresh and baked ones and both were really good. I like the baked ones more. There were fresh fish meat as well or the Kinilaw The assorted cakes were also astonishing. It was such a nice experience. Their water had lemons too! Hehe...

Me, Reina and her co-engineers.

Inday Reina's family :)
It was a burp-full night of course and that the most important thing was it's all for free. I promise to go back and eat together with my family too. Will be looking forward for that day! I'm sure my brothers will surely enjoy it here.


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