To Bohol via Talibon

Everytime I go back home to Bohol, I would usually travel via Tubigon or Tagbilaran and way back in college, I would travel via Ubay so going to Bohol through Talibon has always been my last option. But I had no other option yesterday, we have to ride the 12 noon ship to Talibon because there was no ship to Ubay on Sundays and going via Tubigon would take time to get to Guindulman and I was dying to reach home and eat "sapajan" or in Cebuano "pasayan". Our neighbors had this fishpond and they sell real cheap shrimps and bangus. My papa would buy and cook me "sinigang na sapayan" which is my favorite.

Well enough for that, it makes me hungry thinking of that big yummy shrimps. So going back, James and I headed to Pier 3, since I don't know where the ticketing office is, I asked a "kuya", an elderly man about it. We were able to buy our tickets worth Php 260 each and then realized that the kuya who helped us get our tickets has his own modus opirande - to sell us his otaps and ampao. We felt pity so we decided to buy one but kuya insisted to buy three packs instead "para wala daw kida". Tired of refusing we just bought the three packs for Php 100. 

Inside the port, I was amazed because the terminal ticket was quite different compared to Pier Uno's. They have e-tickets instead of the yellow one but both of them costs Php 10.

tickets worth Php 260 each

 We rode on a Chinese bus going to the ship. 

reminds me of those Korean series and movies.. :)

 I was surprised and amazed because I was expecting that we will be riding a boat but it was an actual ship. As I observed, it looked like a cargo ship, the upper part of it was where the passengers stay. 

Here is how it looked like:

view from outside

looks like a barge as well

the beds are pink, so kikay!

life jackets available per deck

sitting areas

over priced pantry

Plus points:
* the beds were obviously new and clean
* the windows were covered with pink curtains
* all of the decks has life jackets
* the whole room is air conditioned and there were also electric fans on the corners

Minus points:
* crews were slow and looked like they don't know what they are doing
* their goods were a bit costly (e.i, fudgee bar costs Php 15)
* the ship runs slow

It took us four hours to reach Talibon Port. I have been to Talibon for a couple of times already so I am familiar with the place already. It was raining when we went out so we were unable to take good photos with the area.

talibon market place

Talibon Catholic Church

We rode a turtle-run PUJ to Ubay and waited for my papa to fetch us up. It was already six in the evening by then and both of us were hungry. We found a restaurant in Ubay named Sans Grill Chicken Ati-atihan, we checked the place and ate dinner there.

At 7:45 pm, my parents arrived at Ubay and thanks God home sweet home at 8:30 pm.


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