Scramble•licious : Sugar Overload

When James and I had to go back to Cebu after our one week vacation in Bohol, we stopped by Bohol's Island City Mall to take our lunch and withdraw some cash since there ain't any other town that has ATMs. So we did took our lunch in ICM's food court situated in the ground floor of this four story mall. We were looking for something not beefy or porky, we tried to pile in this grilled stand named Payag but the line was too long that we might be eating our lunch past one in the afternoon, it was just twelve that time. So we ended up buying in this stand where there isn't any one in line, Savory Hot was its name. Why named that way? Because they cater meals in a sizzling and savory hot pans. Oh and the price is very affordable mind you, I had my own Chicken Curry Sizzling Meal at Php 45 and James had his Chicken Halang-halang as well at the same price. This is very pro-student! Lol!

Anyway, this isn't about Savory Hot though but about the desert we had after lunch. Since the ground floor food court was full of people and that there were diners waiting for vacant seats, we decided to go to the other floors and look for seats instead. We were seated near this inviting food stand:

Just by looking at the pictures, my buds immediately started to crave for it. Though I was still full, I persuade James to buy for us. I just realize now that I have actually sinned with what I have done! Oh my! It's gluttony, I have even tempted James and he gave in! (Sorry Lord). Anyways, so since the price was okay, we ordered the bowl size for Php 18 and added two toppings or they call it top-its worth Php 3 each scope: chocolate bits and assorted nips. This was how the bowl looked like:

my own bowl
james' bowl
Here I was with the bowl of scrambleliciouses! Haha don't mind the term I used. So if you look at it, its super mouth watering, so inviting that you can't take your eyes away from it. But, watch out because this lovely sweet thing has nothing to give you but sugar! Yup, read it right, by the way it showcases itself, everything in it has sugar. And when I say everything, it means ALL! Even the ice below those toppings have been mixed with sugar and was colored pink.

ahhh! so inviting!
Now this has been my weakest spot: sweets! Even though James and I had already been to seminars about the effects of eating too much sugar, I can't still resist to its sweetness and I will be honest, I was able to finish it all up! O-oh (@_@)! James didn't finish it, he just ate the chocolate bits but not the ice part. Now after that, I felt like I had a bloated tummy and weighed half a kilograms more. I promised to beware this scramblelicious thing. 

If you have kids, you can let them have the cup ones because the bowls are too much. Make sure to bring towels or handkerchiefs if you're planning to eat something like this, it's greasy after because of the spills.

What I also love about it is their very cute bowl design, check them out:

The colors are delightful and the doodles are very cute, very attractive to the little ones and the artists too. Your daughters will love them.

Before ending this post, let me share our lunch:

His sizzling chicken halang-halang

Her sizzling Chicken curry
That's all for this sweet post. God bless!


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