Aamir Khan, I am A Fan

While I am writing this post, I am also downloading a movie entitled Ghajini and guess who is the lead actor? Well, it's none other than Aamir Khan! If you don't know him yet, then that means you haven't watched 3 idiots yet and I am telling you, asked Mr.google about it and download the movie now. Don't miss it because it would definitely change how you look things at. And after seeing it, I bet you will also be screaming out "Aal izz well" haha.. just as how I screamed after I watched the movie and even after watching it, I would say all is well every time I encounter problems. The movie had given a great impact to my life's perspective and to those people who had seen it as well. My colleagues and friends have been watching it as too.

Here is the movies trailer:

Here is the funny video with the song Aal izz well:

And the cute Zoobie Doobie song:

And since then I had been searching for Aamir Khan's movies. Who is Aamir Khan by the way? He was the main character in the movie 3 idiots named Rancho who was very smart and wise during the entire movie. After three idiots, I watched "Every Child is Special" which made me cry. It dealt with a story about a boy who has dyslexia and how Aamir, his substitute teacher helped him. It was a comedy-drama movie and it gave me the impression that once I have a child, I need to understand him/her and support him/her along his/her undertakings. That was one thing which the child's parents had actually misunderstood. 

Check the trailer:

And Aamir Khan never fail to surprise me with his movies. Now I am just excited to watch this movie I am currently downloading, it is entitled Ghajini, an action love story and in this movie, basing on the trailer, he has gone mad. So this would be a different character compared to the two movies I have seen where in he has this good boy looks. Here, he has tattoos and that he seemed to be really violent. 

Base on the trailer, Aamir seemed to be a good boy at first but had grown mad and wants revenge for his love.

I am just super excited with this movie, I can't wait to watch it!!! For now, better watch the trailer:

Just super excited but the download is still at 80%, so I will sleep first and will watch it later!


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