What happened?
I was super sleepy when I went to work last night. I slept all day long yesterday but I don't know what happened, can't help my eyes! Can't control it, it shuts off by itself. And my supervisor was on the floor so I can't just sleep even if there were no calls, I might get an incident report for sleeping! I can't just let that happen. I felt like floating when I went out of the office and by the time I sat on the cab, my eyes rejoiced! Good thing my sub conscious managed to waken me up when I almost reach home. I reached home and slept right away, that was from ten in the morning then woke up just now, time check: 3:05 in the afternoon. I am recharged! Thank goodness.

Is that an Iphone?
James gave me something today before he left for work, it's an advance gift for our monthsary tomorrow. He knew that my old television had retired. I am not a tv fan though but sometimes, I would watch tv just to entertain myself with some tv programs like Showtime and Pinoy Henyo, the only segment in Eat Bulaga that I love to watch. I am a pure Kapamilya so I want to watch their shows if I have the time. Some of the shows I watch are ASAP, Maalaala Mo Kaya and I said it already, Showtime. I didn't worry actually that my five year old tv stopped working but James seemed to be concerned about it. He didn't buy me one though but he gave me this:

It's not an Iphone! Booo! But it has a tv on it, amazing! Obviously, it is a Chinaphone. I don't need a cellphone yet since I have two Palm Centros but I guess I will be keeping this because of the tv application. 

Backup now or never?
What would you do if you found out that your pc had crashed out? Oh-oh! You're in trouble! Well, that's okay if you have backed up your data on an external drive or on some disks, but what about if you didn't? You might be screaming your lungs out because you just lost your most important photos, all that is left now is memories. Waaah! I also lost my project files, my psds, my videos, etc. What can you do now? Basically, it is just plain simple. Forget about it and move on. Lols...

Alright, that is actually an easy thing to do. But you wouldn't let that happen, will you? If you only knew that your lovely computer will crash tomorrow, I bet you will do everything you can to save a copy of those necessary files. Now this is just the same scenario that I have been ranting to my boyfriend. His laptop has been acting weird for quite awhile already and that I have been advising him to backup his data and reformat it as soon as possible, I am guessing some virus had infected the computer system. He seemed to hear me but still haven't started doing it and I am feeling that something like the above would happen. So instead of waiting for him to do it, I gave him some blank DVDs. Now he's backing them up before anything bad happens. It's a relief though because I had experienced losing quite some stuff also before and I won't let that happen to his data. So tomorrow, we will be formatting his pc.

I am Tagged!
Surprise! I had been tagged by Nik and I love it! I had been seeing tag posts from other bloggers and thought if someone can tag me as well. Thanks to Nik for the tag! 

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Have Fun.

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That's it for today! 

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