Wave 60's 2nd Year at Pino

team picture with Ms. Caca.
Wave 60 had turned 2 years last May 11 and so we came up with a lunch date with the wave mates to celebrate this special event. Though it was a late celebration, we were very happy we were able to spend time with each other and catch up with what has been happening to everyone's lives. Last year, I posted about our first year. Click here for the blogpost.

The following is the complete wave 60 list: Kevin Pulvera, Jeansen Dianne Torre, Evan Marie Penzon, Maria Cristina, Malvin Kim Daiz, Louella Jane Tamboboy, Dyreen Suficencia, Ailyn (Aya), Reggy Sultan, Daryl Gapor, Tanya Mae Pinili, Mercy Mae Dupa, Loreto Gaerlan, Houer Baduel, Kyle Magallano, John Ray, Michael Bern Angulo, Jovy De Guzman, Nikolai Marfa, EJ, Mark Tolo and yours truly.

We were originally 20 but as of now only seven of us are still in Sykes, namely Tanya, Loreto, Reggy, Evan, Kyle, Daryl and me, of course. 

So yesterday was our lunch date, Tanya and I had been the most punctual guys. Soon, Mercy, Reggy and Kim came then John too. We started eating since most of us were already starving. Some who committed to come called or sent some messages informing us that they can't come. Specially our original team lead, Michelle and Michael Bern who was admitted because of tonsillitis, get well soon Bern. Though we felt bad they were unable to come, we still managed to be joyful during the whole time we were there. We updated each other upon what had been happening with our lives. We learned that John is now a businessman, Mark Tolo in the other hand is in Accenture with a confidential position, his looks show that he is in the higher management and he did mention that he is handling people, wow. Voj is under OJT and will soon graduate, he stopped working because he needed to focus on his study. Mercy, the jolly gal of the group had stayed the same, still a funny girl and still single. She has been paired with most of the guys, John, Reggy, Voj and Marfa. Here's a photo of Mercy and Reggy:

Reggy-Mercy love team <3
Here are some of our photos at the resto:

photo with Mark Tolo, he has other commitments, he just passed by to say hi
happy 2nd birthday wave 60
with John Rey, he need to go first because he has some other appointments

i am missing because I took this myself
the ladies.... ahuh-ahuh
haha..funny reggy!
super happy tan?
our wacky moment... hehe look at tanya and reggy
teased as the Resemblance of the Philippine flag.hehe

We had a really great talk and laughed out so loud of course reminiscing the good old days when we were still working together as colleagues, taking calls and all we have now are the memories and of course our selves.

Happy 2nd Year Wave 60!

I wanna thanks some of the people who made this even possible:
Tanya for organizing the event
Van for calling Pino for the reservation
James for taking photos
Pino for the good food
and everyone who came, labyah all! <3 & :* 

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