My First Cashout

This is actually my first cashout from a PTC site so I am blogging about it. I had forgotten the exact date when I signed up for this site actually but basing on the first article that I had rated, it was September 5, 2010. I stopped for awhile when I disconnected my SmartBro connection last November 2010 and started rating articles again last January when I had Globe Wimax installed.

Today, I reached $50.05 and was eligible for a cashout:
I waited no longer and entered James' Paypal account since I have issues with mine. Then requested for a payout! Drum rolls.... This is the next shown screen:

I was not so delighted with what I saw onscreen, in the second bullet, it says payment can take up to 30 days. That looks like a very long time and that it is not reasonable, how can that take a long time? Well anyway, there's nothing that I can do, I will just be waiting here. Hopefully, it will not really take that long. We'll see then if readbud is really a legit PTC site.

In the other hand, I was surprised when I checked my Facebook account because one of my friends posted that one of my favorite Thai movie is about to be aired in ABS-CBN. If you haven't watched Crazy Little Thing Called Love yet, then this is your time to return back to your teenager years and feel kilig about your all-time crush! Here is the movie teaser:

I bet you are excited now the same way as I am and getting a mobile device with a tv in a perfect timing is just superb! I can't wait. I don't know when would be the exact date of airing but I will make sure to watch that out. 

Now talking about Thai movies, there is also this one that I fell in love with. Entitled "Hello Stranger", I am not sure if I had shared it to you before but this is a story about two people who travelled together in Korea. They spent the whole time together without knowing their names and then ended up falling in love with each other. I can't tell you further, I want you to watch it as well. You will surely fall inlove with their craziness and they have this chemistry which will make you fall out of your seats! Watch the trailer:

From PTC to Thai movie... I am just so random right now. Oh! I will be going home to Bohol today as well. I need to attend my younger brother's birthday celebration at a beach. I am excited to blog about it. 

I think that's it. You take care!

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