Bohol's Month-long Fiesta Celebration

Bohol has been known for the famous natural wonders and to name a few, there is the Chocolate Hills in Carmen, the world's smallest primate, Tarsier, the floating restaurant in Loboc and the alluring adventure town in EAT Danao. But there is one thing that Bohol has been known for over decades, guess it was already known before I was conceived and it happens every year in May, Bohol's Month long fiesta celebration.

Every year in May, Boholanos from all over the country and the world goes home for this celebration. In fact, there has been a saying stating that every May, Bohol Island sinks a few inches because of the number or people in the island.

So how does this happen? Coincidentally, most fiestas in Bohol fall in the month of May, so that includes barrio fiestas and town ones as well. My grandma often told me before that anyone can travel the whole month without concerning about food because you can just go in a house, the house host wouldn't mind if you are just strangers, instead they will be more than happy to let you eat inside with them, strictly no invitations needed, everyone is welcome! Though I didn't really believe it at first, they say it was actually true. That was the scenario before, I doubt if the home owners can still do the same today, maybe for some.

When I think of fiesta, what would first come to mind is the food, the lechon (this couldn't be absent!) and the drinks. The discos and the balikbayans who would make sure to come home during this season.

Here is an overview of Bohol Fiestas by date, this covers the towns only. Thanks to for the list, view the site for other information.

DateTownPatron Saint
January 16CortesSanto Niño
January 16Pres. GarciaHoly Child
January 16ValenciaSr. Santo Niño
January 17CarmenSaint Anthony de Abbot
January 29UbayHoly Child
Last Saturday of JanuaryGetafeHoly Infant
February 11DagohoyOur Lady of Lourdes
February 11K of C - Tagbilaran CityOur Lady of Lourdes
April 5Bool - Tagbilaran CitySaint Vincent Ferrer
April 27CorellaNuestra Señora del Villar
May 1Tagbilaran CitySaint Joseph the Worker
May 3Dao - Tagbilaran CitySanta Cruz
May 4AlburquerqueSanta Monica
May 4MabiniSanta Monica
May 4SagbayanSan Agustin
May 8San MiguelSaint Michael
May 10CalapeSaint Vincent Ferrer
May 15BilarSaint Isidore the Farmer
May 15TrinidadSaint Isidore
May 15TubigonSan Isidro Labrador
May 15San IsidroSaint Isidore
May 19CandijaySaint Joseph
May 29TalibonBlessed Trinity
June 13SikatunaSaint Anthony de Padua
June 24Garcia HernandezSaint John the Baptist
June 29LobocSaint Peter the Apostle
June 30InabanggaSaint Paul
July 16BalilihanVirgin of Carmel
July 16Taloto - Tagbilaran CityImmaculate Heart of Mary
July 25BatuanSaint James
July 26AliciaSaint Joachim
August 15DauisOur Lady of Assumption
August 16Tip-tip - Tagbilaran CitySan Roque
August 22Taloto - Tagbilaran CityImmaculate Heart of Mary
August 28SagbayanSan Agustin
August 28PanglaoSan Agustin
First Saturday of SeptemberGuindulmanOur Lady of Consolation
First Saturday of SeptemberLindaville - Tagbilaran CityBirhen sa Barangay
September 8LoonOur Lady of Light
September 10DimiaoSaint Nicolas de Tolentino
September 29ClarinSaint Michael
September 29JagnaSaint Michael
October 7BuenavistaSanto Rosario
October 7LilaHoly Rosary
October 11PilarVirgen del Pilar
October 16Cogon - Tagbilaran CityBirhen sa Barangay
Last Saturday of OctoberAntequeraVirgin of the Most Holy Rosary
November 24MaribojocSaint Vincent
December 8BaclayonImmaculate Conception
December 8Catigbi-anImmaculate Conception
December 8DueroImmaculate Conception
December 8Sierra BullonesImmaculate Conception
December 12SevillaVirgen of Guadalupe
December 12Booy - Tagbilaran CityVirgen of Guadalupe
December 30DanaoHoly Family
MovableAndaHoly Infant
MovableBien UnidoHoly Child
MovableLoaySantisima Trinidad

This are just the town fiesta and if you notice, the month of May has the most number of fiestas! Again, this excludes the barrios and the barangays.

When I went home last Wednesday, a neighboring barangay celebrated their fiesta, there were variety of shows every night and I got the chance to go out one night and watched their Hip-hop dance competition.

There were six groups and they performed their best out. However, their performances are just so-so for me, well what would you expect? There were no jaw-dropping stunts as well. But they entertained the audiences and that's what was important. Check out the photos:

Unfortunately, I had to go back to Cebu the next day so I was not able to go to a friend's house for the fiesta, I hope I can attend one within the month. 

I will soon post the videos here as well soon!

How do you spend your fiesta?


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