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Are you a globe subscriber? Were you been affected with the connection disruption last May 9, 2011? If yes, then you must have already received Globe's advisory about the free call, text or mobile browsing services that they will be giving out to all of the affected subscribers. They can avail of the service no later than May 17, 2011. Recalling the event, Globe said there were multiple fiber cuts which had caused the problem but had actually resolved the issue within 24 hours. Read post here.
According to Globe's blog post yesterday:

Globe Telecom is giving free call, text or mobile browsing services to customers affected during the service disruption last May 9, 2011. Customers can expect to receive an SMS from Globe to avail of the service no later than May 17, 2011.

Globe Telecom has fully restored mobile and broadband services in the affected areas in the Visayas and Mindanao regions.
As it reads here it seems to me that they will be paying back the mobile subscribers only. So I was thinking how will they be paying back those globe wimax subscribers like me who were also affected with the outage? Hmmm, guess they aren't gonna consider it anymore, that saddens me though. But anyway, since the resolution was fast and my internet connection is back, I will just let it pass.

Because of what happened, I was encouraged to create my own account with Globe's website. Earlier today, I signed up and verified my account. I then logged in and enrolled my Globe Wimax account too so I can view my bills online. Here's how I enrolled my account. 

After logging in to my account, I navigated to the Account Management section located on the top right hand corner of the page, a drop down page will show up which has Bills as part of the links. I clicked on it and it brought me to a page and a button is available labeled Go to myBill. This showed up after I clicked on the button:

I clicked on Add Account and here's what showed up next:
After I entered my account number which I found on my paper bill, I checked the terms and conditions box and submitted the form, viola! My account is already enrolled now and the next page gave me the option to enroll another account, since I don't have any other account, I just went back to the home page.

I received an email then about the activity that I had made with them and aside from that, I also got this message:
Dear Valued Subscriber,

Thank you for enrolling your Globe Account 840541937 to myBill. Enjoy the convenience of SECURED and FASTER viewing of your Globe bills Anytime, Anywhere!

Globe supports the advocacy to Go Green as the world combats global warming. We encourage you to join us in this advocacy by enrolling your account in PAPERLESS BILLING where you will no longer be receiving printed copies of your Globe Bills. You may continue to access your Globe Bills online thru myBill.

To enroll your account in PAPERLESS BILLING, you may call our 24-hour Call-in Service listed below or you may also visit our nearest Business Center.
Do your part, enroll in PAPERLESS BILLING now.
Right away, I emailed the email address above and enrolled my account in Paperless Billing since this will surely help our nature and environment. Globe replied and said they are working on my request now. Wew... 

This might be a very simple and small act but the effect will surely be positively great! If you are receiving your paper bills from Globe, I would like to encourage you as well to enroll your accounts in Paperless billing.

Let's be part of this great advocacy!


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