Banana-CreamO Shake

I was craving for cookies and cream shake one hot afternoon but for some reasons I was too lazy to go out and buy one at the mall. So what James and I did? We made our own shake version. We didn't find Oreo cookies outside so we bought Cream-O biscuits instead. There were bananas left so we experimented for a banana-creamO shake. What was inside our head? Nothing, just to play with the ingredients and make the hot afternoon a cool and fun one.

Actually, my favorite shake flavor is mango then the cookies and cream came as second. Just saying though, what is your favorite? Thirsty's fruit shakes are the best. I have tried almost all fruits except the durian one. I also like zagu's cookies and cream and their black sagos are my favorite. I can actually eat all of those sagos! Lols.

Going back, here are the ingredients:

The cream-O cookies were ground to its pieces and were placed inside the blender machine together with the ice cubes, milk and the sliced bananas. They look like this:

Now, we were ready for shaking! Shake, shake and shake! There's one thing I don't like about blending, it's the fact that the machine gets too noisy that our neighbors can't resist to look over our window and check what's going on. 

Well, this was just a few minutes of blending though but it had captured a lot of attention. The next day, our land lady borrowed our blender machine and made their own fruit shake. Haha.
Anyways, this is the result after the blending procedure:

Tadaaa! Look at our Banana-creamO fruit shake! Doesn't it look like its inviting? Well, the color is because of the dark creamO cookies but once you take a sip on it, you will definitely taste the banana flavor, of course because there were like four bananas added to it. James said it was too much, he instructed me to just put two but I doubled it and made it four. Hard-headed me! 

Anyhow, we sipped it all up and that quenched our thirsty afternoon! We are planning to experiment more fruit shakes in the future, I can't wait to tell you about it.

Have you tried making your own fruit shakes?  

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