Friendster Export Done!

As I was checking on my yahoo emails today, I noticed that my Friendster mail had increased by one. So then my mind was thinking this must be the notification about the export thing I processed with the site. It was indeed the export notification, so without further ado, I clicked on the download button. I was surprised because I was navigated back to the same window screen where I need to download my profile again. I thought it was some cache problem so I went back to my mail.
While checking and reading through it, I noticed that the date it was received was last April 28. I didn't actually notice it until now. 

Well then, I downloaded the profile for the second time. This time, there were no server outage anymore, it was just like a blink of an eye and I received another email notifying me that my profile is ready for download now! 

I immediately clicked on the download Profile button and I was navigated to this new page:

Without hesitation, I clicked on the download profile now link and a 1.16 MB zip file started to download. This is the file which contains all the profile information. After the download process, I immediately opened the file and checked what it contains. 

Alright! Now I am just curious and excited for the new Friendster coming soon. I am also thinking of its impact to those users who had totally forgotten their Friendster accounts due to the new networking sites which had taken over it. We will see then.

Just as I thought I am done with it, I accidentally remembered my photos and all. Recalling, I just selected the faster download instead of exporting all my files. With my last post, Friendster is Shutting Down, I choose to save my photos to my Multiply account. I don't remember seeing anything on the email about my pictures so I logged in to my multiply account and checked if the photos are there already.

Unfortunately, there isn't any photo available from my Friendster account so I redo the process one more time. I logged in again to my account and went over to the profile export app. Selected export to Multiply, there was no other choice back then but Multiply. I also noticed that they placed a notification about free multiply accounts:

"Disclaimer: Free versions of Flickr and Multiply may have certain upload/export limits and restrictions. They may charge a fee or ask you to upgrade to a paid version if you want to exceed these. Please check their websites for more info."
Hmmm, this made me think of going back and selecting the slower export process where it will include all info including the photos. This might be the cause why I still don't have my photos there. But anyway, I still gave it another try, let's see what happens...

I have 31 photo albums in Friendster and I selected all of them. Authorized export process and clicked on authorize, then viola! 


You have successfully started the export of your albums to your Multiply account. A confirmation email will be sent to you after completion. 
The exported photos will be stored in your Media Locker photos folder. 
Oh! I noticed the message there says the exported photos will be stored in your Media Locker photo folder, again this made me go back to my multiply account and check. I found some of them but not really all. Then I thought it may take some time to finish it all up so I'll just wait and see then.

While waiting for that one to finish downloading on my Multiply account, I went back to Friendster's Export App and selected the slower option for insurance purposes. Lols... This is actually a very good idea for back up. But then, I guess there was no option to do it:

Okay, I will be waiting then. But waiting was not anymore necessary because Friendster sent me an email about it already, informing me that my photos are all in my Multiply account now.


Have you exported your own profile already? Make sure not to forget because time flies so fast that you might regret about it.


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