A Secret Worth Sharing (BC Bloggers Meme)

A few weeks ago, one of my college schoolmates posted a thank you note on my facebook wall because she had read this post of mine about getting birth certificate in just a day. 

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This is her message:

At that moment, I realized that I had actually helped other people through my blog. After a year of blogging, just plainly sharing my thoughts and experiences through my blog, I came  to the thought of leveling up and spread it's words, not just simply leaving it as a secret open diary over the clouds. And then just a couple of days ago, I found myself blog-hopping and commenting on blog posts which I found really fun! Today is actually my third day of blog-hopping adventure and then I found mommy joy's diary blog and read about the BC Blogger's Meme. Found it interesting so I thought of joining so as well to drive traffic to my blog, hopefully. 

Here is the question for this week: 
“What is one tool, tip, secret (or whatever it may be) that you have discovered  that has helped you in your blogging and would like to share to others?”
And here goes my answer:

“Making good quality and helpful posts is the most important thing, though I didn't promote my blog before, I was still able to help others through the useful experience which I shared on my blog. 
One cool tool I usually use is the email post option. I don't have access to blogger on my work station and so I can't really post articles at work since they cut the remote access connection we had before. I do most of my post writings at work and so the email post has been really helpful to me. You can try it as well most specially if you don't have access to blogger at some times.”
Super glad that because of the BC Blogger's Meme, I have learned a lot of tips on driving traffic to my blog. Hopefully I can increase my status or level as a blogger through it.

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