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I was hopping through some blogs tonight and I came upon the lady blogger's. I then found myself reading her posts until I bumped to her 21 Ways to Promote Your Blog. My blog is already a year old but I never had created it's own page in Facebook yet. It wasn't my first time reading ways of promoting blogs, I had followed some advises from my friends like adding an email subscriptions and such but not the Facebook page yet. I don't know why but maybe because majority of the people who knows me is on Facebook and I am just being shy.

But for some weird reasons, I was encouraged to create my page today and wow, I got the guts to publish it as well. Wew... We will see then what will happen. I added added my page too here in my blog. You can check it on the right hand sidebar. For now, I only have less than 10 likes, hehe.. not bad but I hope of increasing its number in a couple of days. I guess I may need to ask my friends to help me out as well. It will be appreciated if you will like it too. Common, its just a click away now.

Aside from creating my personal blog's Facebook page, I also did the same thing with my freescrapbooks site. Visit it today and you might be able to grab a clip art there or maybe a scrapbook kit. Please like it as well.

One more update is the follow me badge on my blog. You can easily see this static tag on the right side. It is colored dark pink. I added it even though I already have a follow link in my twitter updates section because of the reason that I need it to be more visible and the time I saw this cute hanging badge, I knew already that it is the exact thing I needed for my blog. Here's how I added it:

Step 1: Go this site.

Step 2: Customize it.

  • Enter twitter account, e,g. junebride31
  • Change the label, you have the options for Follow us, Follow me, Follow and My Twitter
  • Change color scheme, click on the color wheel just right beside the field
  • Location side, you are limited to just right and left sides.
  • Float location, this is the distance between the top part of the blog or site where you want the badge to be placed in pixels. I just used the default one, 136 px.
Step 3: Get Code.
      Once ready, click the update code button and you will be prompted with a box of codes. Copy it and were almost done.

Step 4: Add to Blog.
      Log in to Blogger now, navigate to dashboard and click on the design section for the blog that you want. 
Under Page Elemens, click add a gadget. Select HTML/Javascript:

 After which you need to paste the code you have copied in step 3.

Hit save and your done!

Pretty simple right? Try it on your blog or website now!

Thanks to theladyblogger for the tips!

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