A Couple Of Things...

I just felt like blogging every thing I found out today. Its just the same normal Saturday for me though, I woke up early at seven in the morning (that's early for me because I usually woke up at 10) though I didn't have a long sound sleep last night. I dunno why but I cooked anyway and prepared my laundry, good thing I have a machine to lessen the burden of washing it by hands, F.Y.I., I washed them up once a week only so they had piled up already. I finished doing all those Saturday stuff at eleven. Woohoo!

Facing my notebook all day long! And a couple of things has been discovered for the day, first is that there has been a news trending up on Facebook and on Twitter that today, May 21,2011 is the end of the world, specifically happening at six in the afternoon (Oh why? I  wouldn't notice it because I'm gonna be dreaming at that time). This hoax made me laugh anyway because I don't believe on those guessing thing. The Holy Bible tells us that no one knows when the rapture or the coming of the Lord will be. As it is written in the book of Matthew 24:36:
"but about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father."  
So this foolishness should be stopped. And people should know well that this isn't true, don't panic but always be ready. Make sure you are prepared anytime because, the Lord's coming is like a thief in the night (1 Thessalonians 5:2). It comes in the most unexpected time. And BTW, my neighbors are kinda aware about it, they are singing and drinking their hearts and lungs out like there's no tomorrow. Lols...

Another thing, one of my Facebook buddies posted something on my wall:

Okay, at first sight, you may think this is true and that Facebook has given us this option but don't ever be fooled. I know how you badly wanted to have this available but this is just another scam running through Facebook.  No such thing as this and if Facebook will be giving this out, there should be an official statement about it and of course, you will receive it right through your account. Remember when they announced about their new layout? They placed the news right after you log in. So, if you encounter this thing posted on your wall, ignore it! Okay? Do it anyway if you are curious on what happens after you click on the activate link. I am sure you'll be given links and links and all other instructions which will basically make you mad about it then you will close the window apparently.

I am in love. Yes, with Tumblr. Lols... But it is true, I was not so attached to it until I found out that I can actually post gifs on it. Aha! I was on Tumblr for more than half a year but just made it a past time if I don't have anything to do with Facebook or Blogger but there are things I love about it:
  • I love that I can post almost everything I can post on blogger, in a simpler way though. 
  • I love how legit it is to reblog posts you like with just a single click.
  • I love the ask me button. 
  • I love the heart-shaped like button.
  • I love the gifs.
  • I love the photos posted by the people I follow. Here are some examples:
  • I love it because there are people out there who also loves Delena and love how they share Delena's photos together.
  • I love the number of posts every minutes and how it updates so quick.
  • I just love Tumblr.
Today, I posted two animated gifs and I am enjoying it. Though my quote gifs aren't that appealing, I am proud I was able to make them out and share it to my Tumblr page. Some guys had reblogged it too, wohoo. I am planning of creating more gif quotes! Check out two of my gifs here and then click on the follow button!

Lastly, I found a video covering Bruno Mars' The Lazy Song. It was cute and funny too but Bruno Mars' version is still the best of course. So if you haven't watched the cool music video yet, please watch it and I am sure you'll love it. 

This is Bruno Mars' The Lazy Song music video:

BTW, those backup monkey dancers are the Poreotics, they seemed like unfamiliar but look out! they are kinda famous. They bragged 1st place in the USA division of the 2009 Hip-Hop Internationals. Anyways, here is Megan Nicole's video cover:

The monkeys are still cute, they have ribbons on them and they wear lipsticks too! Funny!

Sleepy now, still have work tonight, bye!
*waving while yawning*,

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  • woah. good thing i didn't fall for that "dislike button" spam. xD i'm glad i read this post to make sure about it. :))

    you know, i love EVERYTHING on Tumblr, well, except cowardly anons who post a lot of hate on other users there. heee ~

    OMG! i love both of the versions of Lazy Song! :D

    i love everything you shared here. haha

  • @nice: thanks for visiting nice! glad to know you didn't fall for that dislike button..

    you take care !

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