I'd Got No Choice

I didn't had any other choice than to ride the 1:30pm trip to Tubigon, Bohol via Jadestar shipping. I found it very disturbing, very disturbing. While on the waiting area, I observed the ship since it was just floating right in front of us. By merely looking at it, you can conclude that it is too old. The structure's not sturdy if you look at it plus old rusty life boats placed on top were alarming. I was thinking that if the boat will sink during the travel, no one can definitely go in and survive with that kind. They might drown because of it instead. And there's no laying, all will be seating actually, the ticket costs Php 150 only though. This is the ship:

Let me show you what's inside...

It was annoying because the clock had stroke 1:30 but there were alot of lagguages still coming. Then the porter who was handing over the lagguages was an old man. He was slow in pushing those stuff inside the vessel. It made everyone else angry and impatient the whole waiting time. At the ticketing office, they told us that the ship will reach Tubigon port at 3pm but I doubt it when I saw these things. How can an old, rusty and incompetent ship able to reach Tubigon in just one and a half hours to think that the Starcraft which was a lot more faster reaches Tubigon in an hour? That was pure BS duh! The ship departed at almost 2:00pm.

So it took us 2 hours to reach Tubigon. It was a relief stepping out from the ship though and I  sweared from the moment I reached the ground that I will never be riding on that ship anymore unless it is really needed. Good thing though that I actually had travelled during the day becuase it may have been a nightmare if it was a night travel. 

Anyway, I reached Tagbilaran at five and bought some stuff for the event the next day, I also bought a Goldilocks Fruity Chiffon Cake and received a free Goldilocks 2011 Planner. Check how it looked like, its very pretty!

And by the way, if there's anybody out there who want to know Jadestar's travel schedule, just in case, here it is:



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