Hey Yah Sleepless Head!

I haven't slept yet, I have been awake for more than 24 hours. I just had a busy day today, I worked from 12 dawn to nine in the morning. And oh! I just started working as a specialist agent, dah dah! Level up from L1 to specialist. Our subject matter experts say there is just a slim difference between L1's and Spx's and that would be the Php 1500 added salary every month for the latter. When I was asked to join the team, I was in doubt. I felt afraid to be a part of a team being looked up to because they follow through our super brain draining calls, irate customers and so much is expected if you say you are from the escalation team. But I ended up joining it because two of my wave mates were also added and that means reunion to us. A team mate was also part of the escalation but of a different team manager. So, going back I only had five calls today and I am glad I was able to receive an issue which I badly needed for me to learn from it. And I had learned the lessons I need. It took almost two hours for us to resolve the case but then, I was not after the resolution but the experience and lesson with the specific case. Well, I have missed some steps there but already reminded myself about it, hopefully I won't be missing the same things in my future call. After my first day, I must say it's difficult to switch scripts if you won't practice. That was my top learned lesson!

After work, I reached home at ten. I was planning to sleep right away but the pc was too inviting. So I facebooked, I blogged about the Food/Drink Menu I designed. Until my older brother came and asked me to run an errand for him. He was about to go back to UAE today and his flight would be a eight in the evening. He will reach Hongkong at ten and will wait for 18 hours for his flight to UAE and with that, he need to have dollars in case he need to buy something at the Hongkong airport. 

I didn't know where to buy dollars then, I asked a couple of friends but they don't know as well. Now here comes Facebook's role. I just posted on my wall about it and my English instructor replied! It was the best answer since the changer she was referring to is just in Elizabeth Mall. 

Though I didn't had sleep yet, I took a shower and hurriedly went to Emall. My brother said he need to go to the Mactan airport at four in the afternoon so I need to double my time. I went straight forward to the forex that my former English instructor told me and found this:

Stood right after the end of the line and waited for my turn. Since there were just a few clients inside, it only took three to five minutes of wait. Now this is the lady who changes the money:

Obviously, she is looking at the money she is counting, hehe... I  was surprised because the dollar to peso exchange was Php 43 but the peso to dollar was Php 48. It was kinda expensive. I bought Php 3000 worth of dollars. I brought $68 back to my brother then. Oh! Before going home, I bought some fruits too. Sadly I forgot to take a picture of it. But pretty sure if you are a fan of Save More, I mean you usually go to Save More either in Emall or in SM, I bet you have already gone to this section where a variety of fruits are sliced into pieces and are being sold for Php 130 per kilo. The fruits available are banana,   mango, papaya, grapes, pineapple, kiwi, pomelo and a lot more, and there's a sweet liquid with sagos in it if you want to make it as a salad. You can pick which ever fruit you like or mix of them as well. As for me, I would always go for mangoes, grapes and kiwi without the liquid one because I don't like it to be too sweet.

I went home afterwards then went out at 4:30 with my brother, I accompanied him out for a taxi. His flight is at eight in the evening but he made sure he is already at the airport three hours before the flight. From my place, it would actually took almost 30 minutes to go to the Mactan airport.

I was already ready to go to sleep but then when I reached home, someone was looking for me. Then I know it was the personnel from the company I have some transactions with. Our conversation lasted for almost an hour. Then he bid goodbye. 

It was a stressful day but the fruits I bought made it go away! I ate them all and then I noticed I wasn't sleepy anymore! Did a lot of things again on the computer. I was able to create four tree vector designs which I will be posting on my scrapbook-clipart site in the following days. Check them out:

Soon will be publishing them one by one in a couple of days from now at my freescrapbooks.blogspot.com site! Visit it too!

At seven in the evening while I was preparing for dinner, James sent me a YouTube video link in Skype. I didn't know what the movie was all about until I watched it. And I want you to watch it too. Here it is:

After watching it, I realized there are still men out there who want to make their proposals special and outstanding. To make sure that the one they love would surely be surprised by it and of course, to ask her father first before asking her. That was the best thing.

Before I publish this post, I would also wanna ask some favor. My boyfriend has just created his new blog page for Pacquiao and Marquez fight this November. This will be their third round and it will be a great fight to look forward to. Remembering the former fights, at the first one, the game ended up with a tie. During the second fight, Pacquiao won but never had knocked out Marquez. So this third time, we'll what would happen. And for that, make sure to be updated. Check out the site here: 
http://pacquiao-vs-marquez-three.blogspot.com/ and please click on the follow button! Thanks a lot! Appreciated.

By this time, I just want to sleep so bye for now and hello pillows! Sweet dreams!


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