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Globe had connection problems which started yesterday, the very moment I opened my Facebook account, the internet quit working, that was I guess around 11 in the morning. I had no idea that it was an ongoing issue then. Today, I have read from Cebu Tech Blogger that Globe sent out an advisory about the issue stating that there was a fiber cut which caused the problem. Subscribers from Visayas and Mindanao had been affected with it.

I don't have a globe or TM phone number nor my housemates so I started troubleshooting the PC, router and modem
since I have the same problems with my connection before as well. In fact, my connection here in Cebu is just a 5 compared with our connection in Bohol, my parents are with SmartBro.

I tried diagnosing the internet problem with my windows PC, restarted it too but still no avail. I power cycled the router and the modem, but still no good. The modem would keep on blinking to two lights to zero. I was already pissed off because I don't know what was going on. At that point, I was encouraged to call Globe Customer Service but the absence of a SIM-card stopped me from doing so. I thought this is very different from the issues I had before because the problem would automatically be resolved after the power cycle or the diagnosis.

At 2:00pm, I turned off everything, PC, router and modem and slept. Told my self to wait for 24 hours and observe further.

I woke up nine in the evening, excitedly turned my PC, modem and router hoping to be able to get to the web. Unfortunately, the connection still failed. I got ready for work and since it rained, I had to ride a taxi which I don't like but I have no choice at all.

Now when I reached the office, I opened up my Facebook account on our simulation phones and found out that all globe subscribers had been going through the same case. They can't send out or receive SMS and calls as well. The good thing there was that Globe released an advisory about their action and it was resolved in less than 24 hours. I think that was a fast resolution move and good customer service as well. I found out that the connection was restored nine in the evening.

Kudos to Globe!


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