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Is a home girl today, I didn't feel like going out. The parents ask me to come with them at a family friend's house for lunch because a balik bayan just came home but I insisted to stay at home. Though I have nothing to do, I don't like to go out. All I did today was watch tv programs which I don't usually do in the city. I watched all day long and surfed the net. I made a couple of vector images, well those were trees actually for my paperless advocacy. And speaking of paperless advocacy, I just received an email message from Globe about the confirmation of my paperless billing application

Major reason is that I don't like to see more paper bills coming every month. Lols... And I want to help our nature. In case you didn't know, hundreds if not thousands of trees need to be cut down in order to make papers and I feel like it's a heartless act. 

Now back to the main topic, my brother was enjoying the videos on youtube. I joined his company and found myself pretty amazed by what I was seeing. So I learned that the competition where the famous Jabbawockeez came from is already on their third season. The second season grand champion are the Poreotics, I already mentioned them with my post about Bruno Mars' The Lazy Song. They were the monkeys who danced with the music video which I really found super cool. Now the third season's first placer has three pinoy members and the crew is named the Quest Crew. Check their video compilations during the competition:

And check this one, great performance entitled Airstrike, my brother said the crew give names for every dance they perform.

And they were here in the Philippines last December, my goodness that was five months ago! 

Subscribe to their YouTube channel:
Visit their website too:

Some of the other thing I learned today:
CAPTCHA "Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart"

Now I have a new explanation to my customers whenever they bumped to this captcha thing while verifying their google account. Lols.

One more thing, I am going back to Cebu tonight via Ubay. I used to ride on those ships when I was in college and maybe twice only when I started working. I still have two days for vacation but I need to go back soon because of the Cebu Blog Camp tomorrow. I have already printed mine and James' passes:

I gotta prepare now, see you Cebu bloggers tomorrow! *Excited mode*


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