My First Drink/Food Menu Design

For days James has been asking me to help him with a Drink/Food Menu design for a specific restaurant. I didn't say No or Yes either and it was not because I don't want to help him that's why i didn't say yes at first. It was only because I was not yet inspired to do the task. Actually, he was working for the restaurant's website, the manager for this restaurant is his friend and a former colleague of mine so I also want to help him out with it but it was just not my day.

Yesterday, I gathered the strength to do the Menu at last. Maybe because the manager was already asking for it and so the power of pressure plus the adrenaline rush was hunting me that time. So, what happened was I begun making the layout, since the old menu was available, I based the color combination with it. Maroon and Gold. Oh! This reminds me of my Alma Mater, CIT-University.

Anyways, I started with the layout and then viola! I was able to finish the first page, well, not really the entire first page because there are still missing information details. But what I mean is that 90% of the page is complete. The next pages for the food name and price list was easy to do, the only hard thing there was to type their titles, they were Indian terms and some may sound awkward so I need to re-read the terms. But overall, it was just a way of duplicating the layer and editing the text layers. By the way, I used Adobe Photoshop CS4 for the design.

I started making the design at one in the afternoon, I used James' HP laptop first but after two hours of using it, I got tired of waiting for the program to respond again, it was all running in circles. Clicking for action commands then the Photoshop won't respond, need to wait for like 7 minutes, respond again then clicks, Oh! It was such a pain. So I switched to my notebook, copied the .psd files and olah! I waited no more. That was a way better than his pc. I guess that was a sign that he needs to buy a new one soon, tsk tsk tsk.

At four in the afternoon, I was able to finish the whole six pages. As I've said, the rest of the price list was okay except the typing part, that was the only thing which slowed down the making process.

James was happy that he was able to present the design right this time; he is just focusing on the website side. Glad I was able to be his help, which was I guess the best part there.

Thanks to Roxanne for her advice about the copyright thing so I decided to just taken out from this post but will be adding it back soon after I asked permission about it. Hoping they will let me publish it!


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