My Little Bro Turned 22

And yet another year has cometh for my younger brother, Jay-R. As a way of celebrating this bless-full event, we planned to go to the beach. Though we were already aware of the typhoon Chedeng, we still persisted to go. As a matter of fact, it rained before we went on our way. We still don't know which beach are we gonna be going to, Anda has a lot of beach resorts to offer though so we just went on our way and started picking which is which.

First option was Bugnaw Se-i, mom said it's kinda dirty so we went for Bituon Beach but one of our house mates said it would be hard for us to go there because of the waves. One said we can go to Anda Global but my kuya said it is far and will take some time to go there, considering we were all hungry. So another suggested that we go to Basdacu, unfortunately the resort has been closed for private use only. Tsk tsk tsk. And so I suggested Bituon White Beach and everyone agreed.

Upon arriving Anda, a guy asked for a Php 50 Environmental Fee, said it was a new law implemented by the municipality for four wheeled vehicles coming to the town which obviously carries people who are coming for a swim at some resorts. We said OK! On our way to the resort, another guy asked for Php 20 for the entrance fee. We said alright! But before reaching Bituon White Beach, we saw a new posting of a newly opened resort:

Instead of going to Bituon White Beach, we changed our minds and tried this new one. We found out later on they had started their operations a month ago. It can be seen obviously that the place was still under development. Here are my favorite spots at the resort:

a view from below
colorful flags lined up on the side of the seawall, the wind is obviously strong.
it's a nipa hut KTV bar, cool...
one of the cottages, this one is worth Php 500 and all the others are only Php 350
Because of the weather, we didn't enjoy the sea that much but we still managed to take a quick dive. The waves were big and strong so we just sat on the stairs because we can be drenched by the water each time the waves crashes the sea walls. We enjoyed that anyway. The resort's caretaker said that the seashore is long and wide if the weather is good. The nice thing about it was that even though it rained an hour before we reached there, the sea was still clear and clean. We're sure we'll be coming back maybe after a month or so just to give them time to finish the place.

Here is my brother with his cake!

And here are the ladies enjoying the KTV session:

It's quite obvious that we had a great time at the newly opened Arthoghin Resort!

Before I end this post, I want to share this breath-taking video of Beyonce at the BillBoard Music Awards 2011, I just saw it a few minutes ago and it was a superb performance! Really worthy of the award!

I like Beyonce! She is really a performer! Great job!


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