So Tired Today!

Today has been a long day for me. I was awake for almost 24 hours and made hundreds of paper flowers for our rose parade entry which took place an hour ago, "phew". I was stressed out because I worked for two teams for this competition. It's not really a huge contest, it's just within our account and we only have like seven teams I guess. So the story went like this, I was part of the Papa Joe Team before I was transferred to the SPX (specialist) team just two or three weeks ago. Now before I was transferred, Team Papa Joe had already planned what to make on the said contest and we were asked to pay 200 bucks as a contribution. Las night, we made flowers made of crepe papers the whole night, as in from 11 to 8 in the morning. I was supposed to go home at eight but my former team asked me to help them since they still count me as part of the team, I just agreed and made another set of hundreds of paper flowers from eight to almost four in the afternoon. It was a stressful day, my hands were hurting and I was sweating! I wanna cry right there and go home. We were making the decorated float in the basement so it was really hot there. 

Though it was tiring, I was impressed by how we managed to finish it up and be amazed with what we made. From barely nothing to something we appreciated. This are some of the photos which my former team mate took:

Yes, I worked for the brand. I am supporting their devices and this is the design which we thought would be suitable for the contest. That thing right there is a phone which has just been released a few weeks ago, it is called HP Veer sitting on a touchstone dock. This is the actual device:

I wonder if we had won the competition, I was disappointed with myself because I was supposed to attend the presentation at 3:00am even if today is a rest day but I woke up at 3:40am! 

On the other hand, I am so glad I had received two awards this week, one from Kristen and another from Nik
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Before I could anything else, I want to apologize to Kristen because I promised to post about it yesterday but because of what happened, I ended up posting it late. But anyway, I want to thank you for sharing this award. I am thankful that I have some cyber friends like you who is so friendly. I had been wanting to have some Korean/Japanese looking friends and you really look one, I guess you are half Korean? Correct me if I am wrong. Again thank you ! 

I am sharing this award to: Ceedee, Jen, Nik

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Again, thank you Nik for this award! I can't really say something except that we have the same wavy hair! Hehe... I know you are a good person. I know bloggers are! So I wish you all the best! 

I am giving this award to anyone who reads this, haha I can't really tag some other bloggers out there because I guess they had been awarded already! But I am adding the banner on my blog side bar!

Thank you again ladies!!

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