Awesome CBC 2011

I made it to the Cebu Blog Camp 2011 (yehey!) and I am posting what I had gained out from the awesome event. Though it was our first time to join the event, (yep! I tagged James along because I am shy to be going by myself.) I was grateful that all the bloggers were very accommodating and friendly at the same time. Almost all of the guys there were new acquaintances. Good thing that I saw familiar ones like Kevin who is actually the current president of the Cebu Bloggers Society, Roxanne and Glenn! Surprise! Glenn is my colleague and I was very astonished to see him at the event. I just knew that he maintains a humor blog then. I was thinking I would just be sitting down and listening the whole time but another surprise because everyone had taken the spotlight and I had my moment too! Wahaha... I was just nervous when I stepped in and talked about my scrapbook-clip art blog instead of this one.

These are the awesome guys who made the event memorable:
Professional and award winning photographer Paul Gothiong for Photography 101 (top), a simple talk about from th founder himself, Mr. Eric Sue (middle) and Mr. Estan Cabigas for Travel 101 (bottom)
(top to bottom) Miss Aileen Napolo talked about Google and Travel, Blogger Etiquette 101 by Miss Janet Toral and Mr. Anton Gomez for Food and Restaurant Review 101

last batch of speakers from top to bottom were Mr. Coy Caballes of Globe for Social Media 101, Mr. Ruben Licera Jr. for the Social Media Marketing via Facebook Success Secrets and sorry I forgot his name but he talked about Mozilla Firefox 4 and it's new improvements.
Their talks were informative and gave me new learning about blogging. There were a couple of things that I taken notes of and made sure to explore as well. One is, a new photo social media site which aims to make you remember life better. The one great feature that Mr. Eric Sue told us is cross posting, this means that once you upload a photo in piclyf, it will be posted as well on other social media sites like facebook, twitter and etc. As for now, piclyf is invite only to ensure a great community flourishes in these early days. I had already added myself on the invite list, in fact I am invite #765 and James is invite #767. I am now excited to upload my photos via piclyf and before I could forget, this is a Filipino-made product so there's a greater reason why every Filipino should support it. I am supporting it and I couldn't find any other reason why you can't.

Another bullet on my to-do list which I am done doing is to enable Mozilla Firefox Panorama. I am not aware about this very cool feature until yesterday when the guy from Firefox showed it. There was a video about how to use and play with it but when I opened my own mozilla browser earlier today, I noticed that I don't have the panorama thingy yet. I was doubtful if I really has installed its latest version yet though I can clearly recall that I have downloaded it. Just a few search and viola! I had it on my browser now!
As you can see, I have cards on the Firefox page and these cards carry a variety of tabs on them. This is definitely a great way of categorizing my tabs instead of opening them up on one window. I can switch to other tabs by clicking on the thumbnails! Pretty cool huh? 

Here's the tutorial:

If in case, you have the same problem as I had, you can just follow this: 
Go to Firefox -> Options -> Toolbar Layout and you will see an icon similar to the one below:

Hope that helps.

I had been introduced to some other Google services which I had no idea about until yesterday. Now check them and evaluate if you are familiar with them as well:
  1. Google Places : let's you create your free listing.
  2. Google Hotpot : you can rate and review places to personalize your recommendations
  3. Panoramio : same as Picasa!
  4. YouTube : pretty familiar about it, my channel :
  5. Google Adsense : advertising solution to web publishers
  6. iGoogle : your personalized Google page. Add news, photos, weather, and stuff from across the web to your page.
  7. Google Translate : free online language translator
  8. Google Reader : let's you read your favorite sites like reading your email.
  9. Google Analytics : measure your advertising ROI
  10. Google Maps and a lot more
There were numerous of info which I had digested and it will take forever for me to actually explain those things here. 

Now here are just some of the photos at the awesome CBC 2011:
cam-whoring against the CBC tarpaulin
together with us is Glenn! Thanks to airphil for this cute airplane cutout!
okay, so this guy right here is the main reason why I joined CBC, he's Robbie, the creative one behind and I had become a fan since I discovered his blog last year.
I was able to get one more photo with him, yehey! Look at how happy I am... hehe
this is Kevin Ray Chua, the current president of the Cebu Bloggers Society
free lunch of course!
and a free snack too! Thanks to the sponsors!!!
Overall, I really had a blast and I can't wait for the next blog camp which will be on May 26, 2012. If you are a blogger who want to learn more about blogging and want to mingle as well with the other bloggers, this event is for you! So save the date and see yah there!


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